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What to expect when booking an appointment for Veterinary Physiotherapy

1) Upon initial contact, a client registration form will be required to be completed by the owner. 

veterinary referral form will be required to be completed by your pet's registered veterinary surgeon.

Then an appointment can be booked immediately. 


If your animal requires maintenance/performance care, a veterinary referral form will not be required

however, your animal must be registered with a vet. Beth may contact your vet to notify them the intention to see the animal for maintenance/performance purposes. 

Download a Client Registration Form or/and a Veterinary Referral Form below as a fillable PDF document.

Find out more about veterinary consent/referrals on the referral form page

2) Assessment

Taking a history review and more information about your animal.

Static assessment, which is looking at your animal stood still, assessing posture, conformation and general well-being.

Dynamic assessment, which is looking at your animal moving.

Palpation assessment, which is feeling your animal from head to toe, feeling for any asymmetries or abnormalities.

Range of Motion assessment, to assess the range of motion of your animal's joints.

Beth will be taking notes of the assessment,

which will be typed electronically and can be sent to you or the vet if requested.


3) Treatment:

A personalised treatment plan is then developed.

Beth offers a wide range of treatments including manual therapies and electrotherapies:

 Soft tissue massage

 Myofascial release techniques


 Passive/Active range of motion

 Joint mobilisations

Exercise therapy

Pulsed electro magnetic therapy (PEMT)

LASER therapy


Therapeutic Ultrasound


4) Exercise Prescription

As part of the treatment, between sessions you will be given tailored "homework" exercises for your animal.

Strength, rehabilitation and mobility will improve with long lasting effects when exercise prescription is utilised between sessions. 

Beth will provide and educate an exercise prescription plan - upon request Beth can send an electronically written version.

Beth will also offer support to her clients requiring further assistance with exercise prescription,

whether it be a phone call/text/WhatsApp/sending photos or videos to keep Beth updated.

Videos of demonstration exercises may also be sent via WhatsApp when requested.

Screenshot 2022-07-15 at 13.41_edited.jpg

All assessments, treatments and exercise prescriptions will be discussed through the appointment. Questions of any kind are always welcome,

as owner education is also key during a veterinary physiotherapy appointment!



Equine Physiotherapy

1 Horse £60
2 + Horses £55

Additional travel costs may be added, please check the areas covered section below

Canine Physiotherapy

1 Dog £60
2 + Dogs £55

Additional travel costs may be added, please check the areas covered section below

Feline Physiotherapy

1 Animal £55
2 + Animals £50

Additional travel costs may be added, please check the areas covered section below

Payment must be made prior or during appointment by either:


Bank transfer

Card machine

Online via email payment link

Areas Covered

Beth is based in Lambley, Nottinghamshire. 

Areas covered include Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire.

A travel expense is applied after a 25 mile radius from NG4 4QE.

Multiple bookings (3 or more) at one location will void travel cost.


If you are unsure if Beth will cover your location with or without extra travel cost, please don't hesitate to contact.

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