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Referral Forms and Vet Consent 

Prior the initial assessment, vet consent is required via

your pet's registered veterinary surgeon filling out the referral form below.

1. Please fill out the owner sections of the form.

 2. Send the form to me and I can send the form to your vet on your behalf,

  or send it directly to your vet and ask them to send a completed copy to me.

3. Alternatively, I can send a referral form to your vet for you.

This is a legal requirement under the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966) to gain referral from your registered veterinary practice, in order to use veterinary physiotherapy for any clinical condition, injury, or post-surgical rehabilitation. 

Once the form has been filled, an appointment can be booked.

Please download a referral form.

Forms are in PDF format and are fillable. If unable to use to fillable feature on the PDF document, then please print and scan completed form.

Please complete the form and return via email on

For performance or maintenance care in sound, healthy animals without any previous clinical conditions, vet consent is not required. Your animal must be registered with a veterinary practice for veterinary physiotherapy to be carried out. Beth may then contact your vet to notify them the intention to see the animal for maintenance purposes.

Please refer to terms and conditions for more information. ​

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