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Equine Physiotherapy

As a Veterinary Physiotherapist, Beth will be working with the multidisciplinary team, including the vet, farrier and dentist, to keep your horse in top condition. 

Veterinary physiotherapy can be beneficial but not limited for your horse for: 

 Promoting care and enhance healing after a specific injury or problem: 

Injuries/rehabilitation to muscle, ligament, tendon, bone, joints, nerves. 

Pre or post-operative care 

Painful/sore backs 

Conservative management of conditions such as

dorsal spinal impingement (kissing spines) or proximal suspensory desmitis (PSD)

Box rest

Muscle tears/pulls

Muscle asymmetries/weakness 

Scar tissue



Muscle compensations 

Poor performance such as

beginning to refuse jumps/stiffness on one rein/unwilling to work into a contact or go forward/etc

Maintain comfort and optimise performance in healthy and sound horses

From elite level competition horses to the retired happy hacker

Ensuring your horse is comfortable

Improve posture and mobility

Optimise performance for ridden horses

Address small issues prior developing into a more noticeable issue

which effects performance or behaviour


Please visit the Appointments page to find out:

What to expect during an appointment

Treatments offered (Every case is different and will require different treatments)

Prices and multiple animal offers

Areas covered

Contact Beth for bookings or any questions are welcome

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